Our summer house under construction

Our summer house under construction

The advantages of a glulam frame are:


Self building: A glulam frame is especially suitable for self-building.


Once the frame is in place, the rest of the building is relatively simple.

So the easiest option would be to get the heavy work - the foundations and frame built professionally and do the rest yourselves.


Cantilevers: A glulam frame allows for large cantilevers.


Cantilevers are sensible in buildings as they both provide shelter and allow for large balconies.

Cantilevered buildings look dynamic.


Foundations: A glulam frame requires a minimum of foundations.


Building in the ground is expensive, dirty, slow and heavy work.

A glulam frame can be built on stilts above the ground, with the ground floor clear off the ground.

This is a very healthy way to build with the building able to “breath” on all sides.


Site disturbance: A glulam frame allows for minimal site disturbance.


Our experience is many buildings ruin expensive sites. Building basements and complicated foundations often involves a lot of earth moving.

By the time the build is finished the site is ruined and has to be expensively repaired. A glulam build involves minimal site disturbance so that trees and the site´s original flora can be kept.

Speed: A glulam frame is fast to build.